Performance Polymers

Noise reducing coatings

If you wish to reduce the noise level of a floor or are confronted with the European guidline 2000/14, then we have the solution for you.


BASF Nederland B.V. has developed a noise reducing coating that is not only hard-wearing but strong. The coating also reduces the rolling resistance. The noise reduction is typically 10 dB(A). An absolute noise level of 54 dB(A) was measured for this product by Cintec-Focwa/TNO Nederland. One can justly talk about a "whispering floor".


A floor with our coating easily complies with the Dutch AMvB (Piek besluit) for quiet distribution during the evening and night hours. In addition to this the coating proved to be the most durable in comparison testing.


The growing amount of traffic jams leads to a shift in the stock replenishment of stores and supermarkets from normal working hours to the night hours. Since 1998 Dutch law has put a limit on the noise level that can be allowed during such operations during the night. Between 19:00 h and 23:00 h the maximum noise level is 65 dB(A), whereas between 23:00 h and 7:00 h the noise level must not exceed 60 dB(A).

Under these circumstances a so called silent floor is a perfect solution for pallet trucks, wheeled containers and shoved boxes.

In the Netherlands certain parts of your transportation vehicle must comply with the new standard for maximum noise level during unloading. In particular the floor and the docking leveler should not generate a noice above 60 dB(A) when measured according to the PIEK procedure.

BASF Nederland B.V. has built experience in the automobile and aerospace industry and developed the Elastocoat® coating.

Elastocoat® is the noise reducing coating to easily comply with the noise level standard. After applying only 5 [mm] on the floor, the noise level diminishes to only 54 dB(A).


Certainly, you don't want your floor only to be silent. It should have a high durability too. Moreover, it should be able to withstand some impact.

Tests from independent institutes like TNO and Focwa reveal that our coating is characterized by extremely good adherence and abrasion resistance. Therefore, a floor coated with Elastocoat® can be considered the floor for heavy duty. It can be cleaned with various cleaning chemicals, which guarantees optimum hygene.