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Alliance to End Plastic Waste: teaming up for sustainability

Plastic waste is a huge global concern. But no single organisation can address it alone.

That’s why BASF co-founded the Alliance to End Plastic Waste (AEPW) in January 2019.

AEPW brings 55 different companies together. They cover every aspect of plastics – from raw materials to manufacturing, from retail to waste management.

The members have committed to investing $1.5 billion before 2023 to help minimize and manage plastic waste, and keep it out of our environment.

AEPW focuses on four areas. One is infrastructure – how we collect and manage waste. Another is innovation - finding new ways to minimize waste and recycle or recover ‘end of life’ plastics.

The third focus of the AEPW is education – mobilizing action from governments, businesses and others. And the fourth is cleaning up areas where plastic waste is concentrated.

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