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Neopor® Biomass Balance (BMB) insulation

Insulation boards for buildings are traditionally made using fossil fuels – but there’s an alternative. Neopor® Biomass Balance (BMB) is insulation made in a way that preserves our planet’s resources.

That’s because instead of using fossil fuels to create its raw materials, we use renewables like bio-gas or bio-naphtha from unused organic waste.

Independently certified, Neopor® BMB is low-carbon, recyclable and so effective at insulating that it saves at least 80% on the CO₂ emissions that would otherwise be generated by heating systems.

In fact, if 100 houses used Neopor® BMB, the CO₂ reduction achieved after only six years would be equivalent to the CO₂ absorbed by a forest the size of a soccer pitch! 

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