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BASF Aerothan® inner tubes combine cycling with recycling

The Aerothan® inner tube is a remarkable innovation that’s set to take cycling by storm.

BASF worked with engineers from specialist bike tire brand Schwalbe to design a high-end inner tube that is 100% recyclable – unlike conventional rubber tubes.

The tube can be completely recycled because it’s made entirely from BASF’s Elastollan®, a specially developed thermoplastic polyurethane for maximum performance. 

Aerothan® tubes have other powerful properties too, making them ideal for road cyclists, mountain bikers or all-purpose riders.

Despite being 40% lighter than comparable lightweight rubber tubes, they offer superb puncture protection.

They remain stable even at low air pressures – making them less susceptible to ‘blow out’ type punctures. (Great to know when you’re on the descent.)

Finally, they offer minimal rolling resistance. In other words, Aerothan® makes you go faster!


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