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ChemCycling® saves fossil fuels

Some plastics can’t be recycled in the traditional, ‘mechanical’ way. But we weren’t prepared to accept that they would all have to end up in incineration or landfill.

So we started a project to find new ways to recycle such plastics. It’s called ChemCycling®. Working together with partners, plastic waste is chemically recycled, turning it back into what it was made from: oil. Known as pyrolysis oil, this then becomes a ‘feedstock’ that is combined with other raw materials to produce new plastics.

ChemCycling is breaking new ground in the recycling of plastic waste. It produces products with the same properties as those made from fossil fuels, so it preserves the earth’s fossil resources.

It provides a new recycling method alongside mechanical recycling. And it enables plastic waste destined for incineration or landfill to be recycled.

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In Lagos, Nigeria, most of the plastic waste ends up on the streets or in the ocean. In the “Waste to Chemicals” project, BASF Nigeria works together with local social entrepreneurs who collect the plastic waste which is then chemically recycled into pyrolysis oil.