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PM-DESC Autofroth® 9300A Isocyanate is a polymeric MDI with a functionality of approximately 2.7. Autofroth® 9300A Isocyanate can be used for the production of rigid insulation foams by molding, spraying, and frothing. It is also used for rigid and semi-flexible integral skin foams, adhesives, sealants, elastomers, and high-resiliency flexible foams. It imparts high strength, excellent dimensional stability, and good chemical resistance to rigid and elastomeric products from low density foams to solid castings. Autofroth® 9300A Isocyanate is generally recognized by Factory Mutual and Underwriters Laboratories for use in construction applications.


North America

Processing Technology

Industries & Applications

  • Cold chain / Commerical Refrigeration , Cooler , Home Refrigeration
  • Electrical Appliances / Water heaters, Boiler
  • Small Appliances / Personal care

  • Automotive, Light & Heavy duty vehicles, Passenger cars, Special vehicles

  • Commercial, Residential, Walk-in cooler
  • Commercial / Adhesives, Discontinuous Sandwich Panels
  • Residential / Doors, Garage Doors, Spray Foam

  • Performance Polymers / Commercial Construction / Adhesives
  • Performance Polymers / Household devices and small electrical devices / Cleaning equipment
  • Performance Polymers / Insulation / Walk-in cooler
  • Performance Polymers / Light & Heavy Duty Vehicles / Reefers
  • Performance Polymers / Residential / Doors & Windows / garage doors/sectional doors residential
  • Performance Polymers / Special Vehicles / Ships & Boats / All Other Applications

  • Light & Heavy duty vehicles / Reefer
  • Special vehicles / Boating

Technical Properties

Property Name

Test Method



Description Teaser - - Isocyanate

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