Performance Polymers

Basotect® UF+ 2500mmx1250mmx500mm

(MF) Melamine Resin Foam, Binders, Chemical, Foam (Polymeric), Foams & Foaming Control, Foams polymeric, Functional, Polymeric foams, Resins, Binders & Film Formers, Sound absorption, Thermal insulation


Asia Pacific

Processing Technology

Industries & Applications

  • Noise reduction at HVAC, Residential, Sound Absorption

  • Cleaning Sponges

  • Automotive (Passenger cars) / Combustion, Propulsion & Cooling Systems / Acoustical Insulation
  • Aviation & Aerospace / Interior / Insulation
  • Ships / Acoustic systems

  • Automotive, Aviation, Aerospace, Passenger cars, Ships

  • Any Applications

Technical Properties

Property Name

Test Method



Density with variance - kg/m³ 7 ± 3
Dimensions per block - mm x mm x mm 2500 x 1250 x 500
Colour - - Grey-middle

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