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ENERTITE®(PU) - the cost-effective spray foam insulation

When insulating your home you should not have to choose between price and performance. ENERTITE® is a low density, open-cell spray applied polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation which delivers significant environmental benefits including lower energy consumption and a healthier home.

Key Advantages of ENERTITE®

  • Good thermal insulation
  • Increases energy-efficiency
  • Good sound absorption
  • Improves indoor air quality 
  • Increases living comfort

Applied as a liquid, this water-blown foam quickly expands to many times its original size, completely filling wall and roof cavities. ENERTITE® easily flows in and around difficult to reach areas such as pipes and wiring, creating a seamless seal against air movement.


Although ENERTITE®  forms an airtight, thermal bridge-free insulation layer with no joints or gaps, its open-cell structure makes it permeable to water vapor. For this reason, an additional vapor barrier might be required, depending on the application and local building regulations. However, this can be easily compensated for by applying a thicker foam layer. And ENERTITE® also offers two other advantages: it not only improve energy-efficiency but also provides effective sound insulation. In addition, it is particularly environmentally friendly due to the use of water as a blowing agent.

When you insulate with ENERTITE®, you are choosing an affordable solution for improved energy-efficiency, increased living comfort and effective sound control with high environmental compatibility. 



Tailor-made Solutions 

Tailor-made for individual needs: We support our customers in developing application-oriented solutions. 

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