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Elastollan® for Industrial Manufacturing

Typical applications include components for the mining industry and the production of wheels and rollers. These components have to withstand the most demanding conditions in terms of impact and abrasion. Thanks to its excellent mechanical properties, Elastollan® is used for screens and guide rollers, for example.

Elastollan® in the Industrial Sector and Mechanical Engineering

Elastollan® features an extraordinary property profile combining elasticity with resistance over a wide range of temperatures. It is abrasion- and impact-resistant, has a good elastic recovery, is tear and kink-resistant as well as oil- and grease-resistant. Moreover, Elastollan can be modified for specific applications, by glass-fibre reinforcement, for instance.

Elastollan® in the Mining Industry

The conditions in the mining industry are extremely tough. Machines and plastic elements are exposed to high stresses from impact, abrasion and aggressive chemicals. This industry favors the use of Elastollan® (TPU) due its excellent mechanical characteristics for screens.

Elastollan® for Injection Molding and Extrusion Applications


Elastollan® features excellent processability in extrusion into hoses, cables, straps, film, plates, and profiles. It provides you with a range of materials making the realization of almost all product ideas in injection molding feasible .Depending on the area of application of the end use, Elastollan® offers a unique variety of properties enabling you to develop product innovations and successfully bring them to market.

Elastollan® for Every Situation

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